Overview: Founded in 1938, Soshin Electric Co.,
Ltd. has been known for specializing in the
manufacturing of mica capacitors. For the past
65 years, Soshin Electric has been committed to
the development and production of capacitors,
serving countless clients in the telecommunication
and household appliance sectors by providing
prospective products that would endure the test
of time. In light of the new demands arising
from the advancements in the newly created fields
of mobile telecommunication, digital broadcasting,

electromagnetic wave protection, Soshin Electric has specially developed a uniform manufacturing process that begins from the purchase of ceramic powder materials right to the end product. And this is why the filters and modules produced by Soshin Electric have received many praises from clients. Sharing similar ideals with Soshin Electric, SING WAY Corporation seeks to cultivate the market in Taiwan in the same manner and has been successful so far with its high precision equipments, inverters, mobile phones, MP3 players and DVD players extensively used by its clients.


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     RF components & module

* chip couplers and distributors GSC/GSC-DVD series
* VCO SV series
* Electrical balun converter GSC-BAL/GSC-HYB series


* Disk dielectric filters MDR MDR series
Disc LC filtersGSF/GSF-SEPseries
* LCfilters
Disc dielectric balance filters DBFseries
Printing filter GLP/GFseries
Semi-coaxial dielectric filters


  EMC solutions

(Related to EMC products and noise determinations)

* EMIfilters
* Circular core and clamp core RCseries
* Noise determination/noise consultation
* Choke coils
Continuous filters LTF/LTseries


* Chipset mica capacitorsDCseries
Power capacitors
* Buffer capacitors and module parts SC/SMseries
* Mica capacitors (wired type) DM/SEseries
* Universal thin-filmed capacitors QP/EQP/NQP series